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Street Child Games – Rio – 14 – 20 March 2016


Street Child Congress 2016 | Friday 18th March

In partnership with Terre des Hommes and Dreikönigsaktion

The Street Child Games aims to challenge perceptions of street children worldwide and demands that street children can access their rights. An international Congress, took place at the Copacabana Palace Hotel, this ran alongside the sports and gave former street children, and children at risk in Rio, a platform to be heard.

On Friday 18th March, the young people held a General Assembly and presented the outcomes of the Congress to the world.

The Congress enabled the young people to lead the discussion on the issues and fundamental rights abuses they face: legal identity, protection from violence and access to education.

On Friday 18th March, the young people presented their Rio Resolution at the Congress General Assembly to city officials, national governments and the United Nations.

Download in English and Portuguese

Rio Resolution - English
Rio Resolution - Portuguese

Street Child United believes in the ideals of the Olympics and the Paralympics and that they are inspirational events, however research has shown that in the run-up to 'Mega Sporting Events' (MSE's) children living on the streets of the host cities are vulnerable, and at heightened risk of rights abuses. We believe in a dialogue between the IOC, the local organising committee and local homeless organisations working with children to ensure the rights of street children are safeguarded. That is why on Friday 18th March, at the Congress General Assembly, we joined the petition demanding that children's rights are protected ahead of the Olympic Games.

You can see the content of this in English and Portuguese below. You can sign the petition at Children Win petition.

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Download in Portuguese



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