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Street Child Games – Rio – 14 – 20 March 2016


Street Child Games 2016 || March 14 - 20

Taking place at Forte Sao Joao Urca.

The Street Child Games brought together young people from nine countries for Olympic-themed sports, celebrating the right of all children to play and express themselves in a safe setting.

Urca was a sports facility fit for champions. Built on the rock where the city of Rio de Janeiro itself was founded, the Fort is situated at the foot of the world-famous Sugarloaf Mountain.

The teams took part in six Olympic-themed events: 100m, 100m Hurdles, 400m, Long Jump, Shot Put, 4x 100m Relay.

The finals took place on Sunday 20th March 2016, it gained media coverage across the world and sent young people home as heroes, you can see the results below.

Results from the games

Results from Sunday's will be shown below:

Event Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
Hurdles Boys Innocent (Burundi) - 16.47 Naseer (Pakistan) - 17.03 Mehar (Pakistan) - 17.06
Hurdles Girls Dinara (Brazil) - 20.50 Doaa (Egypt) - 21.22 Hepsiba (India) - 21.75
Long Jump Boys Mehar (Pakistan) - 5.12m Neem (Pakistan) - 5.07m Vianey (Burundi) - 5.04m
Long Jump Girls Anguista (Mozambique) - 3.59m Raquelina (Mozambique) - 3.34m Doaa (Egypt) - 3.26m
100m Boys Naeem (Pakistan) - 12.00 Mehar (Pakistan) - 12.22 Naseer (Pakistan) - 12.50
100m Girls Hepsiba (India) - 15.60 Nada (Egypt) - 15.89 Gabriela (Brazil) - 16.09
Shot Put Boys Innocent (Burundi) - 10.16m Jonas (Brazil) -10.00m Ashok (India) - 9.71m
Shot Put Girls Dinara (Brazil) - 10.79m Camille (Great Britain) - 8.37m Anguista (Mozambique) - 7.44m
400m Boys Naeem (Pakistan) - 54.91 Mehar (Pakistan) - 57.85 Naseer (Pakistan) - 58.65
400m Girls Nada (Egypt) 1:17.53 Hepsiba (India) - 1:17.57 Raquelina (Mozambique) - 1:22.22
4x 100m Relay Salman (Pakistan), Nada (Eygpt), Vianey (Burundi), Eduardo (Argentina) - 58.53 Mehar (Pakistan), Doaa (Eygpt), Crystal (Philippines), Armel (Burundi) - 1:00.52 Naheem (Pakistan), David (Brazil), David (Burundi), Sneha (India) - 1.01.75

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