Street Child Games – Rio – 14 – 20 March 2016

Team Burundi


Team Burundi participated in the Street Child Cup in 2014, where they were second. A few players who were in the 2014 squad have returned to Rio de Janeiro to participate in the Street Child Games. One of them is Innocent, who won the Golden Boot two years ago. He did not have a real name until recently. Innocent was just a nickname, which he got from his years on the street.
Today, he wants other children to have a name, legal papers and an identity.
His biggest dream? To start a family to help children in difficult situations.

Meet the Team

Meet Innocent, Vianney, Armel and David, the players and ambassadors of Team
Burundi. By participating in the Street Child Games they are campaigning for street children to be recognised and treated as national citizens with the right to a legal identity, access to education and protection from violence. The Street Child Games will enable the team to raise awareness in Burundi and across the world of the challenges street children face and inspire those who can implement real change to improve the lives of street children.

New Generation

Team Burundi is representing the frontline work of New Generation Burundi. It is estimated 5000 children live and work on the streets in Burundi, 3000 of those are in the capital Bujumbura.

Street children and young people in Burundi live in poor conditions – vulnerable to extreme forms of violence including murder and rape, abuse, imprisonment without trial, exploitation and human trafficking. New Generation has worked for more than 15 years to support street children and develop a new generation of leaders in Burundi. They are committed to support street children through a wide range of programmes including leadership training, social support & access to health care, coaching sessions and awareness campaigns for the specific challenges street children in Burundi face.


Uwimana Cleria et Igiraneza Isaac sont deux enfants qui ont accès à l'éducation grâce à New Generation.
Même s'ils ne vivent pas dans la rue, leurs familles respectives sont très démunies.
La visite de l'équipe de la campagne GirIteka était un moyen de s'enquérir de leur situation de vie et leur apporter un message de soutien.

Uwimana Cleria na Igiraneza Isaac ni abana babiri dufasha kugira bashobore kuja kw'ishura.

N'ubwo bataba mw'ibarabara, bava mumiryango ikenye cane.

Umugwi w'igisata GirIteka, wagendeye iyo miryango kugira bashobore kubona aho abo bana babaye, banatange n'ijambo ryo kubashigikira.

Uwimana Cleria and Igiraneza Isaac are two children that New Generation helps in getting an education.
Even though they do not live on the street, their respective families are very poor.
The visit of the GirIteka campaign team to the families was a way to inquire about their life situation and bring them a message of support. ...

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Uno musi niho hahimbazwa umusi mpuzamakungu wahariwe gukingira agateka k'umwana.

Reka dufatanirize hamwe muguhimbariza uyo musi abana bose kw'isi.

#AbanaNiKazoza ...

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Today is Universal Children's day !! Let's join hands and celebrate this day for the children of the world. #StopViolenceAgainstChildren #ChildrenAreTheFuture ...

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