Street Child Games – Rio – 14 – 20 March 2016


Usha, Hepsiba, Sneha, Ashok and Silambarasan, five teenagers from Chennai's streets will represent India at the first ever Street Child Games in Rio de Janeiro.

"These children have experienced life on the streets", said secretary of Karunalaya, N. Paul Sunder Singh.

They have been rescued, protected and taught by Karunalaya Social Service Society, who is the official Indian partner with Street Child United.

Team India will represent their country and speaking for the rights of street children. Some of the children selected are school drop-outs and a few are sole bread-winners for the family. For instance, Sneha (15 years old) is a class 9 drop-out and works in a shop that weaves mosquito-nets for babies. Her mother has stopped working and her father is an alcoholic. Her aim is to finish Class 10 and she is happy about the opportunity to participate in the Street Child Games, as she will be flying for the first time; but it was very difficult for her to get a passport. Street children don't have an address.


Team India is supported by Karunalaya Social Service Society, an NGO dedicated to the rights of street children in Chennai City. Since 1995, Karunalaya has been supporting and reintegrating street children with their families in many states of India, even to neighbouring Nepal. Karunalaya offers shelter, sports and arts activities to street children and pavement-dwellers, and advocates for the empowerment of Chennai’s most marginalised communities.


Rally for protection of children against Child sexual abuse, rape and trafficking was lead by Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi. Karunalaya's founder and Secretary Dr.N. Paul Sunder Singh and champion Ambassadors Usha, Kannadoss and Sangeetha raised slogans supporting the campaign. ...

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Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthii visited Chennai yesterday as part of his nation wide journey Bharat Yatra against Child trafficking, Child sexual abuse and rape. He started his Chennai leg of the Yatra from Stella Mary's college. Our street champion Sangeetha spoke passionately from her heart with anger about the plight of Street Children. Nobel Laureate was moved and acknowledged Sangeetha as inspiring and stated that Children should speak out boldly. #thenewindianexpress #StreetChildren #Iamsomebody #Karunalaya ...

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The Indian National Culture Center “SITA” will be organizing its 4th India Day on the 12th and 13th August 2017 in the main stage of Sokolniki Park, which is a Grand festival of Indian culture and celebration of “The Indian Independence Day” in Moscow, Russia. Karunalaya is the charity partner along with Street Child World Cup 2018 to help create awareness and raise funds for Street Children Team India. #sita, #allenandovery #SCWC2018 #streetchildunited #Karunalaya #streetchildren ...

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