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Street Child Games – Rio – 14 – 20 March 2016

Team Philippines


Team Philippines is back in Rio de Janeiro to participate in the Street Child Games. They campaign for children on the streets to access alternative forms of education ensuring they can continue to develop and be part of the community. The team also wants to raise awareness and understanding of the issues children face on the streets - challenging negative perceptions surrounding street children and promoting the message that children in the streets are the solution to the problems society face.

Team Philippines participated in the Street Child Cup in 2014 with a boys and a girls team. The girls team won silver and now they are back to get some golden medals.

Meet the team

Ronalyn, Crystal and Erica are in Rio representing the Philippines.

Fairplay For All Foundation

The team is supported by a number of organisations working together. Led by the Fairplay for All Foundation which works in Payatas, Quezon City, the NGOs assisted each other in building and supporting the team.
The Fairplay for All Foundation works in Payatas, the location of the largest dumpsite in Metro Manila. It runs a drop-in centre for street children in the area and coaches football to children from Payatas and also in Kasiglahan, a relocation centre after the dumpsite collapsed in 2000. It is run by Roy Moore and Naomi Tomlinson.

Team Philippines Sponsor