Workplace Incident Report Template Word

workplace incident report template word

What is a workplace incident report template? It is a document that is used by the employer or the occupational health and safety administration (HOHS) to prepare an accident report within a working environment. The document is typically prepared after an incident takes place in the workplace. It details what actions were taken by the employer or the HOHS after an incident took place. The template can be very detailed and may have many pages. It is usually used for regular reports.

The template will have information such as the name of the employee who has been injured, the description of the event(s) and any witnesses at the scene. It may also have other details such as a diagram of where the accident occurred. In some instances a photograph may be included. The details should be as accurate as possible as they will be used by the employer to provide support during the investigation. If this information cannot be verified then it should be deleted.

The template will be comprehensive and will detail all the details of the accident. It may identify the name of the person who was involved, their position and contact details. This will allow the employee to take any recovery action against the person who caused them harm.

The template should be completely comprehensive and accurate as it is going to be a vital document for any claim that may be made against you. You are entitled to a one off payment if you make a successful claim through the appropriate channels. However, you may lose your right to make further claims through the HOHS. It is advisable to check the accuracy of the information in your template Word document before using it. Make sure there are no gaps in the information provided.

Ensure that the template is complete and includes all the relevant information required. The word document should be a complete one as it should include the names of those involved in the accident, a detailed description of what happened, any witness statements and the accident report itself. If there were any injuries sustained then these should also be included. Your template should also state the severity of the injuries sustained.

Your template should ensure that your report template Word document is easy to read and understand. If there are any footnotes then these should be written in bold letters, at the bottom of the page. The format of the template should be easy to follow and any mistakes made in formatting the template can result in you having to re-submit your document which can cause unnecessary delays and problems.

Your template should include sections for recording details of the accident, providing a written statement by the injured worker, a written statement by a neutral third party investigator and a personal accident report. Depending on your needs, you may also be able to request other additional sections including details of any insurance and loss benefits (these will differ from professional indemnity insurance). The appropriate workplace incident report template will also allow you to create an accident log which can be used to record any further information and details relating to the accident which may assist with any claim processing.

When you have your template with you it can be very quick and easy to prepare your reports. You can either use the pre-made templates provided or you can spend some time inputting your own information and details. Often the information is quite different but this does not make it any less accurate. Remember, you need as much information as possible to help your investigators build up a strong case for you so if you don’t feel comfortable completing some sections be sure to review your report again until you are confident in completing the sections successfully.

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